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Store TourFREE for first time visitors at Nuts ‘n Berries or longtime customer to check out what’s new!

Consult – want to identify where you can improve your diet and health routine?  Make an appointment for a 30 minute consult with owner and nutritionist Mari Geier.  Cost $50.

Order by phone – Just pay for shipping and we will ship you any products we have in stock.

Special Order – Don’t see what you want on the shelves.  We can special order it!  (Note that if it is a line we don’t currently carry, it may be subject to a minimum order.)

Beautycounter Consult and Free Shipping on orders to the store – Are safe and non toxic product important to you and your family?  Schedule a time to meet with our Beautycounter Consultant to learn about how you can make positive changes to clean up your routine.

 Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty and Personal CareWe are committed to providing safe and non-toxic products for our customers.  We search every day though countless products to make sure that we only sell (and recommend) personal and beauty products with clean and safe ingredients.

IMG_4406Bulk & Liquid Herbs

We sell a large variety of bulk organic herbs for cooking, teas and herbal medicine.  Or if you want to start with a liquid form of the herb and use that for supporting your health we have those too! Organized alphabetically,  our selection is vast, but if you don’t find something on our shelves, ask if we can special order it!

Essential Oilsessential oils

Aromatherapy has become all the rage!  Whether you are replacing your toxic candles with a diffusor, trying to open up your sinuses or making your own cleaning supplies, our essential oil selection is the best place to get started.  We carry a value line for everyday use and in cleaning product and a therapeutic line for personal use.  We also carry a nice selection of USDA certified organic essential oils as well as all the containers and products you need to incorporate essential oils into your every day life.

Men, Women, Children & Babies


One of our goals at Nuts ‘n Berries to support the entire family at all stages of life.  That’s why we have some products separated by gender and life stage.  From childbirth to menopause we want to support strong women everywhere.  And of course, the guys need help sometimes, too!  Our kid products are safe and appropriately labeled for each stage of childhood.  Getting sick is never easy on kids or parents so we want to make it as easy as possible to help the entire family get and stay healthy!

Pantry & Grocery

Store Tour

When Nuts ‘n Berries was founded in the 1980’s the health food store was the only place you could purchase natural products and organics.  Today these products are in every grocery store and big box chain, so Nut’s ‘n Berries had to continue the evolution!  We now sell a variety of local and artesinal foods from fermented products to support gut health to hand made chocolates and sweets.  Our goal is not to replace the grocery store, but to be the source for the cleanest, best tasting vegan, gluten free, dairy free, allergen friendly and overall healthy foods.  We work hard to source organic and Non-GMO when possible and keep it local as often as we can!

Protein & Performance

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Whether you are battling the bulge, managing your blood sugar or training for a race our Protein and Performance section is your first stop.  Choose from our selection of Organic and Non-GMO protein powders to start your day off right.  Then support your journey in the way you need.  Get more out life when you shop at Nuts ‘n Berries!

Vitamins, Minerals and Your Daily Routine

supplementsMost American’s today struggle to meet their daily dietary needs with just the food they eat. Although we think food is the very best medicine, we recommend these products for just about everybody!  And we make it easy for you to stop in and grab your multi-vitamin, probiotic, omega’s and vitamin D by putting them all together!  From the antioxidants to zinc, you will find all the basics here!

What’s Ailing You?Store Tour-2

We know the vitamin store can be overwhelming, so we group some of our products by how they help support your health.  From head to toe, these herbs, natural products and supplements can help you get and stay healthy year round!

Been taking myself and my kids there since they were babies. Just keeps getting better.

Christine D, Mother of 2, Real Foodie and Occasional Boo-boo mender


A comfortable old friend.

Sarah E, Marathon Runner


Worth the trek to Brookhaven if you are looking for health products at reasonable prices.

Carrie W, Health Seeker



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