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LeafThe year is 1980.

Ronald Reagan has just been elected President, television viewers are tuning into Dallas and Magnum P.I.,  and disco is dying.  Two local Brookhaven residents take it upon themselves to start a local healthy independent grocery store, one of the first of its kind in the greater Atlanta metro area – and one that would eventually become a fixture of the local community for decades to come.

LeafThe year is 2005.

The coolest cell phone is a flip top Motorola Razr, Livestrong bracelets are everywhere, and people are still getting poked on Facebook. Mari Geier, another local Brookhaven resident, starts an outdoor fitness boot camp company to serve the local population, one of the very first fitness programs of its kind anywhere.

LeafThe year is 2010.

The first iPad is released, the Affordable Healthcare Act is passed into law, and Justin Bieber dominates the pop charts after being discovered on YouTube 2 years earlier. Kevin Parker, a one-time client of Mari’s boot camp program becomes one of its lead fitness instructors and business associate of Mari’s.

LeafThe year is 2015.

Everyone’s trying to figure out what Millenials are all about, Donald Trump decides to run for President, and an Italian woman brews the first cup of espresso on the International Space Station.  But all those paled in significance to the convergence of that health food store, Mari’s small business experience, and Kevin’s willingness to try anything at least once…resulting in a new business partnership and new ownership of Nuts ‘n Berries.

Mari and Kevin partnered up due to a mutually shared entrepreneurial spirit combined with a vested interest in their local community and a desire to provide its residents with a one-of-a-kind destination that provided not only the products, but also the knowledge to promote and improve their general health and well-being.

They saw Nuts ‘n Berries as the perfect tool to accomplish that mission – a place where residents of the Brookhaven and surrounding communities can go to find a friendly and familiar face to walk them through the increasingly crowded and confusing world of health supplements, personal care products, and healthy groceries without being overwhelmed.

So come on in and put us to the test – we’re proud to continue the three-decades-plus tradition of Nuts ‘n Berries, and we’d love for you to come by and meet the crew – and maybe learn a little something at the same time.

See you soon!  Leaf

OUR PEOPLE / Our Story

Mari Geier

Mari Geier


Awarded Best Personal Trainer of the Year by Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine for two consecutive years early in her career, co-owner Mari Geier challenges you to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes within an active, supportive community. Mari’s diverse background (BS in Horticulture, BA in Anthropology and MBA in Finance, plus 15 years in the health and fitness industry) allows her to see health from many angles and gives her the ability to help others find their way to a healthier lifestyle.  As founder of The American Boot Camp Company, a local outdoor fitness studio, and an active participant in local volunteer organizations, Mari is deeply involved in the Brookhaven community. It was with the mission of forming a cornerstone for community health that she and Kevin took over Nuts ‘n Berries in January of 2015. She enjoys strolling through Brookhaven’s parks with her baby Sally and employing her botanical expertise in the community garden.

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker


Co-owner Kevin Parker works behind the scenes to tighten the nuts ‘n bolts of Nuts ‘n Berries. Going on twenty-three years in the US Navy Supply Corps, Kevin excels at managing operations and personnel. He exemplifies physical fitness as lead instructor for the American Boot Camp Company for four years running. A Chicago native and alumnus of the University of Illinois, Kevin enjoys running half marathons, watching hockey, and playing softball and golf. Ask him about his favorite meat snacks!

Allison Hubbard

Allison Hubbard

Our 20-year Chamblee native, small business owner, and mother of two talented teens brings an energy to our team unmatched by even the brightest of our whippersnappers. You’ll find her darting through the aisles and sampling out delicious snacks to all of our customers. Her to-do list is long, but her patience is longer.

Sarah Roberson

Sarah Roberson

Sarah has loved all sports since she was the only girl on the all boys T-ball team! Basketball, softball and cross country were always her sports of choice until she discovered cycling as an adult. After years of running, competing at the college level and completing two marathons, then she became an avid rider when she discovered the infectious enthusiasm and competitive nature of cycling. Now she’s ready to bring that same athletic experience and enthusiasm and to helping you find the right health and performance solutions for your particular needs!
Juliana Altman

Juliana Altman

An avid lacrosse player and disciple of Eddie Vedder, Juliana works hard to ensure that everyone is having as much fun as she is. Though currently finishing up her accounting degree at Oglethorpe University, Juliana plans to take the world by force with her expertly produced videos and the dulcet tones of her acoustic guitar. You can catch her here every Sunday.

Catherine Scott-Derr

Catherine’s story is coming soon!

Nelli Biddix, N.D.

Nelli Biddix, N.D.

Born in India, Nelli Biddix grew up in the mountains near the Himalayas. Spirituality and health have always been her keen focus, even as a child. Nelli was always looking for ways to help people with their health, take away their troubles and put a smile on their faces. She quickly realized that she was not suited for conventional medicine. Instead of masking symptoms with drugs and surgeries Nelli wanted to heal the body by understanding what was out of balance and working on the root cause so the body could heal. Her first professional job was in a health food store, which set her on the path of true healing. She went on to pursue her dream and became a certified Doctor of Naturopathy, a nutritional consultant, master herbalist and a health specialist.

Been taking myself and my kids there since they were babies. Just keeps getting better.

Christine D, Mother of 2, Real Foodie and Occasional Boo-boo mender


A comfortable old friend.

Sarah E, Marathon Runner


Worth the trek to Brookhaven if you are looking for health products at reasonable prices.

Carrie W, Health Seeker



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