Not all hemp products are created equal.  Not all growers use the same variety of hemp.  Not all hemp comes from the same state or even the same country.  These little differences will make a world of difference in how your CBD supplement impacts your health.  And it’s difficult to know what to look for in a CBD supplement. CBD, also known as cannabidiol is a compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant.  Unlike marijuana, hemp oil will not make you “high”, give you the “munchies” or impact your ability to function normally.  It does, however, help with a wide range of conditions with an underlying cause of inflammation.  Many people take CBD to help with pain, anxiety, sleep issues, nervous system issues and even larger medical concerns.

According to the folks at CW Hemp, there are 5 things you should look for in a CBD product:

  1. Know your manufacturer.  They should control the process from farm to shelf and use top quality raw material.
  2. Ask about extracting.
  3. You want CO2 extracted hemp oil vs solvent extraction.
  4. Request batch testing so that you know what you are getting and not getting.
  5. Do your research. Stop into your local heath food store and ask!

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Make Every Workout Count
Profile of a Hemp Farmer
Mari Geier
Awarded Best Personal Trainer of the Year by Atlanta Sports and Fitness Magazine for two consecutive years early in her career, co-owner Mari Geier challenges you to achieve sustainable lifestyle changes within an active, supportive community. Mari’s diverse background (BS in Horticulture, BA in Anthropology and MBA in Finance, plus 15 years in the health and fitness industry) allows her to see health from many angles and gives her the ability to help others find their way to a healthier lifestyle. As founder of The American Boot Camp Company, a local outdoor fitness studio, and an active participant in local volunteer organizations, Mari is deeply involved in the Brookhaven community. It was with the mission of forming a cornerstone for community health that she and Kevin took over Nuts 'n Berries in January of 2015. She enjoys strolling through Brookhaven's parks with her baby Sally and employing her botanical expertise in the community garden.

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